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The most common pests in Dorset that could affect your business

No business wants to suffer from a pest infestation. That can be an expensive problem causing distress and a loss of earnings, customers and staff. Pest Control 24-7 can help to protect your business against any pest infestation; but first you need to know what possible problems there are in your area is. These are the most common pests in Dorset to watch out for:


Rodents are by far the most common pests affecting businesses. Virtually every business from farms to healthcare and high street can be affected by rats and mice. We always get an increase in calls as the weather gets colder, so read one of our other blogs on Rodents.


Flies are particularly problematic for businesses selling food and livestock farms, but we also get calls about cluster flies from all kinds of business and domestic premises. If you own a restaurant, bar or cafe, make sure you take steps to prevent a fly out break before the summer season starts.


Moles cause most trouble for businesses such as golf courses, holiday parks, cricket pitches and hotels with grounds. They’re also a massive problem for farmers, as mole hills can ruin grazing grass and injure livestock if they fall down them.

Seagulls (Gulls).

seagull prevention works in swanage Dorset

As inland seagull populations grow, more and more businesses are calling us about seagulls. Seagulls are a particularly problematic pest to get rid of as they cannot legally be disturbed during nesting season. Best practise is to always start prevention works before the nesting season starts, otherwise to move Seagulls on whilst they are nesting can be very problematic.


People are often shocked to hear that cockroaches are a common pest in the UK, but they definitely are! They are most commonly found indoors, especially in restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Feral Pigeons

Quite often Pigeons can create a very big health hazard in a relatively sort amount of time. To fully understand how to control Pigeons please read one of my other blogs about Feral Pigeons.


Fleas might not stand out as an obvious pest, but we are seeing more and more of activity in residential properties, piratically holiday lets. We recommend that Fleas are treated at the first signs before they have a chance to breed and multiplying the problem.

How to get rid of pests in Dorset for good

At Pest Control 24-7, we recommend investing in a proactive pest control contract. Our flexible programmes include routine visits to identify any early signs of pests. We’ll also do a site inspection to find any areas that pests could potentially gain access.

If you already have an infestation, don’t panic! Contact us today for fast and discreet removal – but don’t delay, pests can breed quickly.

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