Based in South Dorset, Pest Control 24-7 provide pest control services throughout Dorset, including, Bournemouth, Poole, Wareham, Swanage, Wimborne Dorchester and beyond. 

We provide professional pest control to domestic, commercial and agricultural clients in a broad range of industries.

Offering a same day service in many cases, our team are fully qualified, insured and fully trained by the British Pest Association ensuring standards are followed and preventative measures are recommended for the future.

Contact us for a quote         07779 329 222 / 01929 480588    
Contact us for a quote         07779 329 222 / 01929 480588    
Domestic, Residental, home Pest Control services across Dorset - Pest Control 24-7.
Commercial, Industrial, Business Pest Control services across Dorset - Pest Control 24-7
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Based in Corfe Castle, Wareham we provide pest control services across Dorset, including
Wareham, Swanage, Wimborne, Dorchester, Weymouth, Wool, Poole & Bournemouth.


To have unwelcome pests in your home or garden can be very distressing and at best can be very unpleasant. Pest Control 24-7 offer a competitively priced call out service for a range of pest problems to the householder.

We will undertake the most appropriate and humane technique of pest control, using the leading  brands of insecticide or rodenticide to treat the type of infestation or problem that you are suffering.

At all times consideration will be given to the safety of the customer when deciding on the treatment method, this also includes risk assessing additional factors such as the presence of children or pets.

The Process

  • The full details of the technique of pest control to be used will be fully explained prior to treatment.

  • We will inform you as to how long we expect it will take to clear your house or garden of the unwelcome guests.

  • Prior to treatment we will provide you with a written report confirming the work which is to be undertaken and the type and amount of insecticide or rodenticide used, together with any further appropriate advice or guidance.


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