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Fox Pest Control

Licensed Urban and Rural management of foxes

Solutions we offer


Fox control is carried out for a variety of reasons including pet and property protection, disease control, or as part of conservation.  Here at Pest Control 24-7 we provide discreet, humane, effective management solutions suited to the client’s needs.

Our services are delivered to a variety of customers including urban domestic properties, schools, councils, poultry farmers and building sites to name a few.

Fox Proofing, Fencing and Exclusion Solutions


We supply and install fox proofing systems to suit each location.  This can mean installing large fox proof fences around chickens in a rural surrounding to fox proofing garden sheds and other buildings in built up cities. As part of making areas fox exclusion zones we also install one way door systems to allow foxes out and not back in .

Cage Trapping


Trapping foxes is effective in a variety of environments especially in built up areas like towns including Bournemouth, Poole & Dorchester. We often use cage traps where shooting is considered unappropriated. Small gardens, building sites, or around livestock are perfect instances.



Fox  shooting can be relied upon as an effective method across a wide range of property types.

After an initial inspection of each problem area a site specific risk assessment is made about the suitability of shooting as a control method. This is carried out by one of our licensed firearms operatives to ensure safety who will liaise with the local constabulary before work commences.

We use a variety of firearms fitted with sound moderators combined with the latest night vision and thermal imaging equipment, this allows us carry out our work humanely, safely and discreetly.

Fox Control Area Covered


Our fox pest control services are available to clients throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset & Devon,

as well as towns and cities such as, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Southampton, Exeter, Taunton, Salisbury.

Issues with foxes? We can help.
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