Monitoring, prevention and control

There are just over 7,000 species of fly in the UK, many of which have the potential to cause problems for businesses. Fly control or prevention programmes are essential in many industries. 

If unchecked, fly populations can explode especially if the breeding conditions are optimum – damp and warm/humid. It’s in these times a business will be most at risk – Spring and Autumn – and fly prevention programmes are required particularly for businesses in waste management, composting, or agriculture for example.

Other business types – restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, food manufacturers – will require a regular annual programme with a high level of monitoring, reporting and appropriate fly killers installed.

Pest Control 24-7 can provide effective commercial fly management plans and control methods to prevent fly infestation. The objective will be to identify hotspots on the site and treat directly on to the harbourage areas using an insect growth regulator which inhibits fly development.