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Deterring pest birds using birds of prey is a natural method of bird control as it utilises nature’s instincts. Sometimes bird proofing isn’t an option. A building may be listed, or the size of the building could make proofing impractical. You may have nuisance birds in a wide-open area, such as a landfill or farmland, where proofing is just not a viable bird control solution. Our bird control teams will be able to determine whether falconry will be an effective recommendation for your site when we complete a site survey.



I'm Toyah.

I am 4 Years old and I am a

Harris Hawk.

I am just one of the Hawks used by Pest Control 24-7

Falconry & Hawking Bird Control is ideal for:

  • Clearing large sites of nuisance bird populations

  • Operating in urban areas where proofing methods are unsuitable or access is unavailable to our team– shopping centres, flats, and city centres

  • Preventing nuisance bird populations, such as pigeons and seagulls, from roosting or nesting

  • Clearing pest birds away from a site prior to a bird proofing installation

  • Encouraging birds to nest in alternative locations

Why Does Using Falcons & Hawks Deter Birds?

Nuisance birds, such as seagulls and pigeons, recognise these natural predators and will avoid conflict with hawks and falcons. A specially designed program of falconry, designed by our experts, will exploit this forcing them to change often long habituated behaviours, meaning they will choose somewhere else to nest, roost or feed.

Experts in Hawk & Falcon Pest Control

Our bird control teams have years of experience of using birds of prey as a natural pest bird control solution. Our experts can advise when and where this service will be effective. As all our bird of prey operatives are fully trained and experienced in using hawks and falcons. We operate Throughout Dorset within urban and rural areas.

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